Sunday, January 15, 2006

Theme Week One: Know thyself

Sunday, Jan 15...Here it is...know thyself..Do I? I've lived with myself for a very long time, and hope that I've grown and changed for the better. Some constants in my life are comforting..breakfast at the restaurant with my girlfriends on Sunday morning , continues to be a source of grounding for me. We check in on each others' lives, and share both the highs and lows of the week. The mom in a nursing home, the grandchild's birthday party, or the widowed dad's new friend...all reasons to laugh, cry or commiserate. It's a safe place to crab about husbands, because we realize that we don't really mean it...mostly... and we're thankful that we haven't yet had to cope with the pressures faced by our widowed friend. The rest of the day will be spent visiting with my 90 year old dad, if I can catch him at home, and puttering around the house....still trying to put away all the stuff from Christmas...can't believe I'm still finding decorations and dishes with holly and trees! Sunday..a day of rest.. not such a bad thing...


Blogger johngoldfine said...

Mmm, so hard to do effectively what you seem to have done here effortlessly--which is to run through a long list of items and give each its due and then move on--and pick items with signficance, ones that add up.

'Know thyself' is one of those teacher/philosopher trick phrases--chances of any of us knowing ourselves aren't that great. Or is it too early in the semester for me to be that gloomy?

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