Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Me in Three Persons


You In Three Persons

My first published book, Fido in the Case of the Missing Food, is quite a page turner...all 6 of them...published is the same as stapled in the middle, right? Mum and Daddy both like it a lot..not sure why they keep laughing though..don't they know it's a mystery, not a funny book? Little LuLu is a funny book. I'll have to ask my teacher when I go to school tomorrow. First grade is fun.

You didn't mind being home sick. It was a little embarassing to have measles in 7th grade, but at least you had lots of time to work on your Tall Tale for English Class. Grampy Jeff used to tell great yarns about life on the railroad, and you always loved the line from his favorite poem when he said,"...the dingbat sat on a rotten tie."
He explained that it was another word for a hobo---Eureka! What a great idea for a story. You really put a lot into that tale about cutting across the tracks ( strictly forbidden) and stumbling into the ring of hobos at their campfire. You were so excited when you went back to school and the teacher read it out loud! Then she said, "I don't think a student really wrote this."
You couldn't breathe. You had to hold your breath to keep from crying. Cheating? No Way! After 40 years, it's time to Let-It-Go!

She was determined to do well in her first college class. She thought it was hilarious that the light from her 40 candles kept the flash from going off during the picture. That summer, she learned to golf ( very badly, but with a good looking swing) and for the first time, she volunteered to play the piano in public and didn't throw up first. Now she sat in a small room with an intimidating professor who told the class if they got a "c" from him, they should be glad. Oh no..He just picked up her paper to read. He didn't ask if it was o.k. like he had with others. He hasn't done that before. Now a girl with a whiny voice is criticizing from the back row. Some nonsense saying the writer used "men" instead of "men/women". Yeah, well miss whiny voice is what..like 15? What does she know? Wait a minute..Mr. W. likes the piece.. He's saying good things about it. She can relax a minute, and enjoy this class..she thinks it might be fun after all!


Blogger johngoldfine said...

Dingbat means hobo? Interesting.... Did Grampy Jeff work in Maine?

I liked the slyness here. My first published book! The little girl's naive voice in that graf.

I liked the self-deprecating humor over the plagiarism accusation.

You actually got a laugh from me (a rarity) with the whiny PC 15 year-old. Most of my students look like 14 year-olds these days....

I liked the smooth 'n' easy swing to all three sections, all controlled, all aware of their effects.

So, what's next?

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