Sunday, April 02, 2006

Theme .Week 10. Irony

Theme Week 10 . Irony. When things simply don’t mean what they seem to mean.

“ When you don’t know what to write about, the best way to start is to just begin writing…about anything.” I tell my 3rd graders this all the time. Make a story web. Outline your ideas. Use a blank piece of paper and just brainstorm as fast as you can. Write any ideas that come into your head.
“Johnny, if you want to write, you can’t do it wandering around the room. You can’t get it finished if you don’t start it. You’ve got your paper and pencil. Now get to it. You don’t want to have to miss recess time. “
It is now Sunday..week 11 has started. I’ve done my environmental science paper this week. Who knew waste water treatment could be so fascinating? Those “daphnia” are really something. Met Sis and Dad at the OTB yesterday. Finally sat down at the computer this morning. Had to make a pot of tea. Might as well throw some brownies in the oven. The kids are coming up today. Back to the computer. Whoops…email coming in. Better check it. It might be important. Check the March Madness pool. See where Adam is in the standings. Maybe just play one game on POGO. Or two. I’ll just rework the wording on those business cards. Maybe the font needs to be bigger. That should do it. Hmmm. Week 10. Irony.
OK.. The sun is shining. Recess is coming. Get to it.


Blogger johngoldfine said...

Yeah, there you go. You get your readers coming and going--you set up the issue indirectly (sneaky), play it out matter-of-fact innocent, and smack them in the nose with it at the close (but subtly.) Works for me.

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