Friday, May 05, 2006

Theme Week 14...Risk

Theme Week 14..

“So, Sampson…what da ya think of these Grandhumans? Pretty cushy place to visit, eh?”

“You’re kidding, right? Come on Chauncy, use your head, man, for something besides sniffing crotches…These people are evil. I don’t care how many times she squeaks about “treats for Sammikins”, she’s the bitch ( no offense) that stuck me in that cage.”

“Sampsy, baby! She was just trying to keep you safe. Really. She didn’t want you Tommin’ all over the hill and getting run over. Give her a chance. She’s an ok granny. She rubs my ears and scratches that place on my back where I can’t get to. Ya know? Right where I have to squeeze under the porch steps to reach. Whoa! This is like sooo much easier. I just give her the sad look with the big browns, and she melts softer ‘n ice cream in July.”

“ Well maybe so, but she took me back to the orphanage and THEY took me over to T-H-E V-E-T. It was dreadful. Even now I can’t talk about it. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.”

“I guess I made that trip before Scott rescued me out of the shelter. It was a long haul from Georgia, so maybe I figure I’m happy just to be here. My only complaint is that they don’t want me to broaden my horizons. That damned run doesn’t go nearly far enough, and when I take off and show them all the great places in the neighborhood to sniff, and all the cool places to roll around and play tag, they just don’t seem to appreciate it. Grandpup even hollered at me this morning. How was I to know that having coffee was such a big deal part of getting up? I figured a good run up the hill would be a great way to start his day”

“You’re pretty funny, Chaunce. You should have seen the way I twisted myself inside out when he tried to put me in the cage to go home. I growled and hissed and hollered just like Simba. He said he didn’t believe I only weighed 4.9lbs…whatever that means.”

“So what happened then?”

“Well, Granny and her friend took me back home to my Mom and Dad’s apartment.I was a little wobbly from the drugs, but it sure was good to get home. Mom and Dad really love me. They leave the tv on for me when they go to work. When the grandhumans come to visit there, you wouldn’t know they were the same people . I guess they know they’re in my castle then, and I am the boss.”

“OK, Sampson…whatever you say. Wanna share some of that tuna with me?”


Blogger johngoldfine said...

I'm always up for dog stories. I have a dog talking on a recent blog post of mine about porcupines--check it out. For me, I can't imagine dogs thinking in this detailed and anthromorphic way; when they relate to us, they're engines of desire; to each other, engines of force and authority.

But you certainly let a lot of information out by using the back door here, so to speak.

8:39 AM  

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