Saturday, May 06, 2006

Theme week 15

Theme Week 15.

Singing “Sherry Baby” while decorating the high school gym
Cranky old teachers still just don’t understand.
Skipping study hall to smoke a cigarette.
Scolding a student for hanging out in the bathroom.
Going for a spin down to Exchange Street while Dad was at the races.
Dodged the bullet…Teflon life.
6 kids, 2 women, a 1600 mile road trip.
Hillary and Norkey…”Because it is there”
Scotia Prince…Dramamine instead of bonine..
…of an apparent overdose…
Romantic Carnival Cruise…
Tropical storm strength winds…12 foot seas..
Consecutive yearly trips to the ER..stents and home.
A good friend, lost too soon from an ignored MI.
Cooing over a friend’s new grand daughter.
Patting the grand dog on my lap.


Blogger johngoldfine said...

Taking some risks, eh?

I'm smiling here because the teacher in me says you took a step too far and have fallen off the cliff into writerly freefall, whereas the reader in me is saying, 'Shut up, a-hole, this works fine, even if you can't follow every twist.'

Anyway, I'd be disappointed if you hadn't anticipated both those reactions....

8:27 AM  

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